ChemoPlus™ Vial Venting System

The ChemoPlus™ vial venting system is designed to help prevent aerosolization of chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs into the atmosphere during reconstitution.

ChemoPlus™ Vial Venting System Features

  • Dispensing pin for the reconstitution of chemotherapy, antibiotics and other hazardous drugs
  • Single use only and latex-free. Reduces cross contamination and latex allergies
  • Used for reconstituting chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics and other hazardous drugs
  • 0.22 micron hydrophobic filter filters air to safely remove any aerosolized drugs
  • Needleless system prevents accidental needle sticks
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic fluid path that facilitates rapid transfer of solution for a seamless process
  • Luer lock connection insures secure, safe connection to syringe


Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
DP5201V ChemoPlus™ Vial Vent Chemo Dispensing Pin 200