For All Types of Incontinence Care, Medtronic Has the Answer

The inability to control bladder and bowel functions can have severe implications to overall patient health. Containing the incontinence episode as well as maintaining skin integrity is critical to preventing further complications. Medtronic offers a full line of products to help prevent or manage the complications of incontinence.


Incontinence is not a disease, but a symptom of an underlying disorder. Even though much progress has been made into the research and treatment of incontinence, it remains a relatively common condition, impacting an estimated 30 million Americans. People who suffer from incontinence often resist discussing the issue with their doctor or families, because of feelings of shame, embarrassment or the fear of losing their independence. With the proper care, incontinence can usually be effectively managed and often improved. 


Incontinent episodes can range from constant or intermittent dribbling of small amounts of urine to infrequent, involuntary discharge of large volumes of bodily waste. Although incontinence is not considered part of the normal aging process, age-related changes are predisposing factors and do make incontinence more likely in older people. Other factors that can cause incontinence are spinal cord injuries, dementia, birth defects and child bearing.