Thermometry OEM Solutions

OEM Patient Care offers our customers and partners a single source for an extensive range of products and customization capabilities. Our team is committed to designing, developing, and delivering high-quality medical components and devices to meet each specification, budget, and schedule.

Monitoring vital signs — such as heart rate and temperature — helps you manage patient health. That’s why we offer the necessary components and accessories needed to assist clinicians in providing better care through fast and accurate temperature measurement. That includes a complete line of: 

  • Tympanic thermometers
  • Oral/axillary thermometers
  • Rectal thermometers

Our Genius™ 2 tethered tympanic thermometer and Filac™ 3000 thermometry offerings were designed specifically for OEM integration. We offer a unique developer’s kit that contains the vital information needed to integrate our thermometer technology into your multiparameter device. Developers will also be provided with other necessary tools, including:

  • Mechanical models
  • Drawings
  • Communication protocols
  • Interface documentation
  • Component samples

Our thermometry products meet or exceed clinical standards, and are manufactured in FDA regulated/ISO 13485 certified facilities.