The Finest in Nursing Convenience and Infection Control

Medtronic provides hospitals and alternate care facilities with a broad selection of tracheostomy care trays which offer the finest in nursing convenience and infection control. Designed with the guidance of experienced clincians, these superior total-care trays provide exactly what is required for tracheostomy care procedures.

  • Variety of tray options for purchasing convenience and one-stop shopping 
  • Compact design is easy to store 
  • Tray components with saline and peroxide options reduce individually purchased items 
  • Wide thick bristles on brush makes cleaning inner cannula easy
  • Twill tape/tracheostomy tube holder ends cut at 45 degree angle and is easy to thread through the tracheostomy plate  



Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
47800 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 20
42201 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 20
47802 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 24
47815 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 20
47835 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 20
47885 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 20
47890 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Kit 20
47891 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Tray 48
47892 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Care Kit, Soft Pack 50
49000 Argyle™ Tracheostomy Tube Holder 100