Assists in the Prevention of Retained Sponges

The Devon™ sponge counting system is a safe, convenient and economical way to ensure correct sponge counts during surgery. Each sponge counting bag features transparent front pockets with a choice of clear or opaque backing. A wall-mounted dispensing rack is available in a single configuration, or I.V. poles mounted racks are available in single or triple configurations.

  • Economical way to develop a standard sponge counting protocol
  • Assists in the prevention of retained sponges
  • Provides a reliable system for counting sponges during surgical procedure


Sponge Counting Systems Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
31144119 Devon™ Bag-It Dispenser Box, Clear Back 250
31144127 Devon™ Bag-It Dispenser Box, White Back 250
5096 Devon™ Bag-It Dispenser Box, Blue Back 250
Sponge Counting Racks and Brackets Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
31144168 Devon™ Rack for I.V. Pole, Single 1
31144184 Devon™ Sponge Counting Rack for I.V. Pole, Triple 1
31144176 Devon™ Rack for Wall, Single 1
31144192 Devon™ Rack for Wall, Triple 1
5097 Curity™ Rack with I.V. Pole Mounting Bracket  1