Proper Positioning and Support

The Devon™ Supine, Lithotomy and Trendelenburg kit (SLT kit) is designed to promote safe and proper positioning during a multitude of surgical procedures. The dual-foam system not only molds to the patient but also provides support to aid in pressure distribution. The goal is to provide a solution that can become the standard of care for all robotic, gynecological, urological and laparoscopic procedures.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual-foam design. The white memory foam conforms to the patient while the Blueberry Swirl foam provides pressure distribution.
  • Graduated Height. The SLT Kit is 2” thick at the sacral area and graduates to 3.5” at the shoulders, providing additional pressure distribution in the shoulder area.
  • Sheet Pass-Through Design. The drawsheet passes through the center of the pad instead of on top. This maximizes the patient’s contact with the memory foam and enables a wider sheet to be used to facilitate arm support. Having the drawsheet pass through the pad reduces the risk of putting pressure on the patient if the sheet is not flat.
  • Perforated Perineal Pullout allows for customization based on type of procedure. Eliminates the need to cut foam prior to use.
  • Laminated strap allows strap to lay flat when tightened promoting even pressure distribution.




Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
31151090 Devon™ Supine, Lithotomy and Trendelenburg Positioning Kit
(Includes 1 Graduated Foam Table Pad, 1 Sheet, 1 Chest Foam, 1 Body Strap)
31143005 Devon™ Knee and Body Strap, 60" x 4" (1.5 m x 10.2 cm) 8
31143006 Devon™ Knee and Body Strap, 80" x 4" (2.0 m x 10.2 cm) 6
580019 Devon™ Multi-Ring Donut 36
580023 Devon™ Ulnar Nerve Protector 36 Pairs
580029 Devon™ Arm Board Pad 12 Pairs