Efficient and Economical

Devon™ C-section kits are a complete line of stock kits for C-section deliveries. These single-use, disposable kits are efficient and economical. All kits contain the most commonly used components. The deluxe kits include drapes and gowns. All components are completely latex-free. Custom delivery kits are available upon customer request.

Devon™ Delivery Kit Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Kits are completely disposable Quick and easy with no re-sterilization or wasted time
Drapes and gowns included No need to single pull
All commonly used components at you fingertips Reduced set-up time, cost and waste while increasing efficiency


Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
52000013 Devon™ 7325-Delivery Plus Kit 8
52000014 Devon™ 7329-Delivery Deluxe Kit 8
52000015 Devon™ 7335 C-Section Plus Kit 4
52000016 Devon™ 7339 C-Section Deluxe Kit 4
52000076 Devon™ 7339-ES C-Section Deluxe Kit, 4