Mon-a-therm™ Foley with Temperature Sensor 400TM

The Mon-a-therm™ Foley with temperature sensor 400TM provides urinary bladder drainage while measuring core body temperature at the insulated site. The probes are available in a range of sizes to meet adult and pediatric needs.

With the comprehensive line of temperature probes and sensors from Medtronic, clinicians can easily meet a range of clinical needs from a single source.

Accurate and reliable, Mon-a-therm™ temperature probes and sensors are suitable for use in multiple clinical settings, including the operating room, emergency department, intensive care areas, postanesthesia care units and the general care floor.

Mon-­a-­therm™ Foley with Temperature Sensor 400TM Features


  • The probes can be used before, during and after surgery.
  • 100% silicone construction helps reduce irritation and resist encrustation.
  • The long, strong wire keeps the connector away from the patient.
  • The side-arm design encases lead wires and connectors for added strength and moisture resistance.