Maintaining normothermia has never been so easy.

With its large surgical access window, the WarmTouch™ surgical access blanket has a unique design to accommodate abdominal and spinal procedures. The WarmTouch surgical access blanket provides all the advantages of full body warming, while allowing full access to the surgical site.

The blanket is based on the WarmTouch™ convective warming system, which provides an easy solution for maintaining normothermia. The WarmTouch convective warming unit has an intuitive screen showing the temperature and status of each of the five temperature settings. The soft but strong WarmTouch™ blanket range is tailored for most surgical procedures, offering tear resistance, even airflow and patient comfort.

WarmTouch™ Surgical Access Blanket Features

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WarmTouch™ Surgical Access Blanket Features
WarmTouch™ Surgical Access Blanket Features

A. The fabric outer layer eliminates hot plastic surfaces that could make contact with the patient.

B. Layered construction adds strength, so even minor punctures will not expand and cause the blanket to deflate.

C. Specially positioned holes direct the airflow evenly onto the patient.


The soft but strong WarmTouch™ quilted blankets meet a wide range of needs to offer the optimal solution for easy and effective patient warming. Made of a strong two-­ply material, they resist tears, punctures and fluids, yet are soft and flexible to allow custom draping and comfort for patients.

  • The WarmTouch™ surgical access blanket is fitted for a majority of procedures and patients.
  • Two shoulder inlets and one foot inlet allow for maximum flexibility.
  • Secure tape positioning enables precise, localized warming and:
    • Prevents warm air from entering the sterile surgical field
    • Prevents warming the surgical staff and operating room


Description Size
Uninflated 40 in. x 79 in. (102 cm x 201 cm)
Inflated 33 in. x 74 in. (84 cm x 188 cm)