Never Question Accuracy

The Genius™ 2 checker/calibrator checks the accuracy of the Genius™ 2 tympanic thermometer and automatically recalibrates the thermometer, if necessary. In addition, the checker/calibrator has the capability to generate a test report for each thermometer tested and save it to a USB flash drive. It works with all Genius™ 2 thermometer software revisions.

The Genius™ 2 checker/calibrator contains two independently controlled infrared calibration targets that are similar to factory calibration targets. These “blackbody” targets are designed to have efficient radiative heat transfer and produce infrared radiation that approximates the human ear at temperatures of 32.2°C (90.0°F ) and 40.6°C (105.0°F).


Order Information
Order Code Description Ship Case
303097 Genius™ 2 Checker/Calibrator 1