Service Solutions by Medtronic provides expert preventive and as-needed maintenance services that are designed to help maintain optimal device performance and reliability, reduce administrative burden and protect customers' investments, enabling the focus to remain on patient care.

The quality management system at Medtronic is based on regulatory standards published by various governmental agencies and international standards committees. The Service Solutions team views these standards as the threshold of quality delivery. Non-manufacturer, third-party providers are not always required to comply with these regulatory standards. Knowing that Service Solutions engineers and technicians are held to the highest standards of quality should give customers an extra measure of confidence.


Inconsistent, improper or untimely preventive maintenance and repairs can increase total cost of ownership. Service Solutions engineers and technicians adhere strictly to manufacturer-recommended specifications, use only genuine Medtronic parts and follow manufacturer-specified periodic maintenance schedules at all times. As a result, customers can feel confident their devices are maintained to the same standards every time, whether they are serviced in the field or the factory.

Service standards go hand in hand with Medtronic manufacturing standards and this alignment drives consistency. Specific testing methodology developed by Medtronic is applied at the end of every service activity. It enables Service Solutions engineers and technicians to verify that the device is functioning at optimal performance before it is available for patient use. If these tests are not run or not run successfully the device is not ready for patient use. All testing- and diagnostic-related activities are logged on the device to validate the consistency and thoroughness of all repair activity.


Our service plans include 24/7 phone-based technical support at no additional charge. When you have questions about your Medtronic products, you can receive knowledgeable answers with just a phone call. Our team of technical service specialists can readily answer your questions about product operation.

When products are sent to our factory service location, our qualified technicians work hard to diagnose and quickly and accurately repair products using only genuine Medtronic parts, ensuring the product is returned with minimum delay and fully functional to its original manufacturer specifications. 

Service Solutions Factory Service

Medtronic is dedicated to supporting customers well beyond the initial point of sale. Should a customer have product warranties, service contracts, or need product support beyond what the technical support team can provide by phone, Medtronic has an experienced factory service team available for preventive maintenance or repair needs. These qualified technicians work hard to diagnose and quickly and accurately repair products using genuine Medtronic parts. The technicians also ensure the product is returned with minimum delay and fully functional to its original manufacturer specifications.

When a product is sent to Service Solutions factory service, a customer can expect:

Superior quality repair and workmanship:

  • Service Solutions maintains quality standards by working in a controlled environment with access to sophisticated equipment, using only factory-authorized parts from Medtronic

Fast turnaround time:

  • Turnaround times are among the best in the industry

Flat rate pricing:

  • Flat rate pricing, when applicable, keeps systems simple and processing time to a minimum, which protects customers from potentially costly repairs

Expert troubleshooting:

  • By operating from a factory location, Medtronic has access to product experts who can easily troubleshoot any product issues that arise

Service Solutions Loaner Programs

Loaner equipment for many product lines is available for customers under service contract or warranty. If your equipment is being serviced by our trusted factory service team, we may provide a temporary replacement (subject to availability) to help you avoid the costs and clinical impact of equipment downtime.